Designing solutions Workshop #2 – 23 January 2024

January 23, 2024
/ Nicosia – OEB

The second Workshop of the Social Experiment on Circular Economy in Construction and Buildings successfully took place on January 23, 2024.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders representing the construction industry, competent authorities, and academia/ research. For the purpose of the workshop the participants have been divided into 3 groups.

The workshop, based on the outcomes of the first workshop, which stated the overall challenge the industry is facing towards transitioning to a circular model. Applying an interactive process and a methodology of value proposition canvas, we seek to draft 3 different value propositions that could support overcoming constraints and barriers, as well as incentivizing or facilitating the aspects of legislation/policy, market, and collaboration.

The outcomes of the second workshop will serve as input to the third workshop, focusing on validating value proposition developed.

Workshop Elements

The 2nd Workshop included the following elements:

  • Ice-breaking quiz

Ice-breaking quiz to initiate the workshop using the mentimeter tool and accessing the participants perception abut Circular Business Model.

  • Overview of the 1st Workshop

At the beginning of the 2nd workshop an overview of the 1st workshop was presented for better communication btw the participants and connection of the outcomes of the 1st workshop with the objectives of 2nd workshop.

  • Presentation about Local Circular Practices

During the workshop four Local Businesses presented their Circular methods developed for the production of a circular product or a circular practice apply through their waste management solution or during the production procedure. The 4 businesses were.

  • Elysee Irrigation
  • Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company
  • Pharmakas Quarry PLC / RECS Engineering Quarry
  • Latouros Querry
  • Group sessions using value proposition Method

The participants were divided in three group and the objective of each group was the design a business solution focused on a specific challenge recognised during the 1st workshop using value proposition canvas method.

At the beginning each group has recognised the customer profile focused on each challenge

Group A Legislation / Policy

  • Customer Profile: An industry that wants to build/set up a circular asphalt factory in a community in Cyprus.

Group B Market

  • Customer Profile: An industry that wants to design a competitive construction circular product/project.

Group C Collaboration

  • Customer Profile:A construction company which needs to manage construction and demolition waste at source.

Group’s Structure

  • Group A Legislation / Policy Group Coordinator Elena Demosthenous (CYS)

Group Members:

Dimitris Christodoulou Industry
SaraMariza Vryonidi Academia
Rafail Panagiotou Academia
Tapakis Minas Government
Kountouris Antonis Industry
Papageorgiou Marios Industry
Pericles Savva Research


  • Group B Market Coordinator Anna Dionysiou (CYS)

Group Members:

Petrou Savvas Industry
Ernestos Sarris Academia
Oikonomopoulou Konstantina Research
Petrides Dimitris Government
Achilleos Georgia Industry
Mikkides Charis Industry
Papas Kostas Industry


  • Group C Market Coordinator Marios Mavroyiannos (CYS)

Group Members:

Latourou Maria Industry
Nikolaides Dimitris Academia/Research
Vattis Dimitris Industry
Theodorou Lefki Government
Stavros Pouikas Industry
Georgiou Mikaella Industry
Parmaki Stella Industry
Latourou Maria Industry



Group Outputs


Value Proposition 1




GROUP Legislation / Policy

Value Proposition 2




Value Proposition 3



Workshop 2 Full report


Event Photos