Circular Economy Hub Members

Partner nameCategoryLocationDetailsWebsite
Athos Dikaios + Associates ArchitectsSMEsNicosiaAlkis Dikaios - Architect Visit Website
Cyprus Aggregates Producers AssociationΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaDemetris Vattis - Quarry ManagerVisit Website
Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)Non-governmental organizations (NGO) NicosiaAndri Demetriadou - Director of Energy and Environment Department Visit Website
Cyprus University of TechnologyAcademic and research LimassolDr Stylianos Yiatros - Associate Professor - Department of Civil Engineering and GeomaticsVisit Website
Elysee Irrigation ltdΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaCharalambos Mikkides - Material and Certification Manager Visit Website
Federation of the Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus (O.S.E.O.K.)Ιndustry and Commerce NicosiaDespo Artemiou - Civil EngineerVisit Website
Frederick UniversityAcademic and research NicosiaDr Demetris Nicolaidis - Associate Professor - Department Civil EngineeringVisit Website
Knauf Cyprus LtdΙndustry and Commerce LimassolMatheos Kleovoulou - Sales ManagerVisit Website
Latomia Latouros LimitedΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaDemetris Christodoulou - Operations Manager Visit Website
Latomia Pharmakas PlcΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaPericles Savva - ManagerVisit Website
Latomio Pyrgon LTDΙndustry and Commerce LarnacaStavros Pouikas - Mining Engineer/ Quarry ManagerVisit Website
Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company LtdΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaAntonis Kountouris - R&D Manager Visit Website
Powermix LtdΙndustry and Commerce NicosiaPericles Savva - ManagerVisit Website
RECS EngineeringSMEsNicosiaPericles Savva - ManagerVisit Website
Resource Recovery CyprusΙndustry and Commerce LimassolKonstantinos Papas - Marketing ManagerVisit Website
Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ΕΤΕΚ)Professional associations NicosiaDr Ernestos Sarris - Assistant Professor - Department of Engineering - UNICVisit Website
University of CyprusAcademic and research NicosiaProfessor Ioannis Ioannou - School of Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental EngineeringVisit Website
Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company LtdΙndustry and Commerce LimassolSavvas Petrou - Environment & Alternative Fuels Manager Visit Website