Powermix Ltd

Contact person:

Pericles Savva – Manager
Ιndustry and Commerce
Powermix Ltd, subsidiary of the Latomia Pharmakas Plc is a oncrete ready mix leading company in the district of Nicosia for more than 15 years, has in Nicosia Area 6 ready-mix concrete plants with an hourly capacity of 400m3 and possesses more than 30 operational concrete truck mixers and more than 10 operational concrete pumps. Deeply committed to pioneering innovative solutions within the research sector, our core activities revolve around the production of products and by-products, all of which are meticulously crafted using recycled materials, underlining our dedication to sustainability.
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
We firmly grasp the significance of championing a circular economy, one that is essential for safeguarding sustainable growth and preserving our environment. Through our active participation in various research initiatives, we aim to foster and disseminate a culture of circular economy not only within our industry but across society at large. We firmly believe that these concerted efforts will make substantial strides in reducing waste, conserving valuable resources, and promoting a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to both production and consumption.