Latomio Pyrgon LTD

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Stavros Pouikas – Mining Engineer/ Quarry Manager
Ιndustry and Commerce
Latomio Pyrgon Ltd has a long tradition of aggregates leadership as it belongs to a group of four quarries, whose aim is to create value by transforming raw materials into products that can be used to provide reliable infrastructure that make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. Founded in 1985, the company produces diabase aggregates in various fractions, for the production of concrete, mortar, bituminous mixtures and civil uses (CYS EN12620, 13139, 13343, 13242). The production follows the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) within the EU regulation 305/2011 and European Standards.
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
As a member of M.S.C. Latouros Investments Limited, Latomio Pyrgon Ltd, has a holistic sustainability framework that is focused equally on all 3 pillars of sustainability: society, environment and economy. By becoming a CE Hub Member, Latomio Pyrgon Ltd will have the opportunity to expand its professional network, to leverage the power of peer-to-peer by gaining more knowledge on effective green practices and create awareness on its existing sustainable development activities.