Latomia Pharmakas Plc

Contact person:

Pericles Savva – Manager
Ιndustry and Commerce
Latomia Pharmakas PLC companies operates almost to the whole range of the construction industry specifically active in the following sectors of quarrying and aggregates production, paving stone production. production and sale of ready mixed concrete, production, distribution and laying of asphalt concrete, land Development, ransportation. Today our group of companies actively involved in the production of products and by-products using recycled material consists of companies deeply engaged in the field of research, making innovation and sustainability integral parts of our culture.
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
Our companies understand that fostering a circular economy is crucial for ensuring sustainable development and protecting the environment. Through our participation in various research groups, we aim to cultivate a culture of circular economy not only within our industry but also throughout society. We believe that these efforts will significantly contribute to waste reduction, resource conservation, and the promotion of a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to production and consumption. We are committed to being pioneers in this endeavor as we believe it is the right path forward.