Federation of the Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus (O.S.E.O.K.)

Contact person:

Despo Artemiou – Civil Engineer
Ιndustry and Commerce
The Federation of Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus – OSEOK, is registered as an (employer’s) Trade Union in the Register of Trade Unions and represents licensed contractors from all over Cyprus. Its mission: – Safeguarding, protecting and promoting the interests and pursuits of all professional Construction and Engineering Contractors – The guidance of the Contractors of Construction and Technical Projects – Cooperation with other professional bodies in Cyprus and abroad, to promote and protect the professional, financial and social interests of the Members.
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
Cyprus, since the summer of 2021, has adopted the national Action Plan for the promotion of the Circular Economy, which is based on (4) pillars of action: 1. Creating a circular economy culture 2. Incentives to invest in the circular economy and support the transition 3. Circular economy infrastructures 4. Municipal waste management. We consider, Shared Green Deal will be helpful to succeed the transition and will be useful for the construction sector.