Elysee Irrigation ltd

Contact person:

Charalambos Mikkides – Material and Certification Manager
Ιndustry and Commerce
Elysée manufactures and supplies piping and irrigation systems for water supply, irrigation, sewerage and energy. Based in Cyprus, Elysée serves more than 65 destinations. in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Our Mission: -Develop W.I.S.E. Products to preserve water resources for future generations -Provide our Customers and Partners with a competitive edge -Lead our people to meet their full potential -Achieve sustainable and profitable company growth -Contribute to Society and the Environment making Earth a better place to live
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
One of Elysée’s main concerns is the protection of the environment. We are committed to protecting the earth in every possible way, making it a better place to live, while maintaining our business-driven innovation, green thinking, and continuous improvement. Within this framework we believe that becoming a member at CE Hub presents an opportunity to enrich our knowledge and incorporate innovative circular practices. At the same time, our commitment, expertise, know-how, and capacity to execute circular projects will constitute a valuable contribution towards the scope of the programme.