Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)

Contact person:

Andri Demetriadou – Director of Energy and Environment Department
Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
OEB is the most representative national employer organization, politically independent, with a mission to promote and support the benefits of Cypriot businesses in Cyprus, in the EU and internationally. OEB is recognized by all official bodies, committees, councils, forums and institutions, as the leading institution and voice of Cypriot businesses.
Supporting CYS Circular Economy Hub:
Under OEB the Energy and Environment Department attempting to support Cypriot businesses to stay competitive in the global renewable energy market, promoting clean energy technologies for environmental conservation and protection and to achieve the targets for circular economy and climate change by 2030. OEB took the initiative to establish the Cyprus Circular Economy Network, the first pioneering Circular Economy Network in Cyprus and also is the implementing body of the Measure “Promotion of Circular Economy in Hotels and tourist accommodations” funded by the EU Recovery&Resilience Mechanism