Completion of 3rd workshop!

The third Workshop of the Social Experiment on Circular Economy in Construction and Buildings Social Proofing on Circular Solutions was successfully hosted on the 1st  of March 2024.

The 3 value propositions which have been drafted during second workshop were presented for feedback and validation to the original group members that took part in the first two workshops and also to a wider audience of Circular Economy and Sustainability experts.

The 3 suggested solutions were drafted to support overcoming constraints and barriers, as well as incentivizing or facilitating the aspects of collaboration, Legislation/Policy, and Market, towards transitioning to a circular economic model.

In particular the 3 value propositions which have been proposed were:

  1. Public digital registry for construction and demolition waste
  2. Outsourced Market Surveillance and Compliance Assessment Process on Circular Projects
  3. Digital Circular construction tool kit for the design of circular construction projects

During the workshop the participants discussed the solutions in detail and assessed the 3 solutions from many different angles. The audience challenged the 3 solutions and gave feedback for each one separately. Through discussions and brainstorming the positives and negatives of each solution were addressed. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to generate more creative ideas, combined diverse perspectives and at the same time they proposed possible alternatives and additions to improve the solutions.

At the end the solutions were assessed against 5 criteria (Innovation, circularity, collaboration, inclusivity, feasibility).

Our partners who took part at the workshop made the event a huge success, by actively sharing their knowhow, thoughts, and enthusiasm!

CYS extends its gratitude to all participants for their support and contributions.