Design For Circular Construction Workshop #2!

The second Workshop of the Social Experiment on Circular Economy in Construction and Buildings successfully took place on January 23, 2024.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders representing the construction industry, competent authorities and academia/ research.

The workshop, based on the outcomes of the first workshop, which stated the overall challenge the industry is facing towards transitioning to a circular model. Applying an interactive process and a methodology of value proposition canvas, we seek to draft 3 different value propositions that could support overcoming constraints and barriers, as well as incentivizing or facilitating the aspects of legislation/policy, market and collaboration.

The outcomes of the workshop will be assessed against 5 criteria (Innovation, circularity, collaboration, inclusivity, feasibility) and will be ranked accordingly. The 3 value propositions will be presented for comments and validation to a wider audience during the 3rd workshop and the preferable solution will be awarded!
The partners and stakeholders who took part at the workshop made the event a huge success, by actively sharing their knowhow, thoughts and enthusiasm!
CYS shares its gratitude to all participants for their support.